After bragging about how many birds we have in our backyard and my friends knowing how many pictures I take, I was asked to post some pictures. So here are some birds that come around often enough that I have been able to get pictures. All of these pictures were shot while I was standing in my backyard or at my back door.

As you might guess, some of the rarer birds (migratory) pop in when I don't have my camera at my side or it's too dark to shoot ... gray Catbird, Barred Owl, Nighthawk, Western Tanager, Yellow Chat, Common Flicker, a Blue Groesbeak, a Rose Breasted Groesbeak (seen only once) and a Goshawk.

The backyard has 4 water features that use pumps and 2 bird bath bowls. In the summer there are 4 hummingbird feeders, there are always 3 finch thistle feeders (surrounded by 1"x2" wire mesh so only the finches can get in), there is a cage feeder (surrounded by 2"x3" wire mesh to keep the dove out), a squirrel proof sunflower feeder and a feed tray that I put corn in for the dove (although blue jays and cardinals also love corn. In the winter there are usually a couple of suet feeders.

There is also nesting material and multiple bird houses for smaller birds like wrens, chickadees and titmouse.

You can click on any of the thumbnail pictures below for a larger image. Each picture will be displayed in that same window, so you don't have to close it click on another picture.

If you view the 'Feeder' pages there are some minimal tips about construstion and purpose such as limiting who has access or protecting from cats.

The Cage Feeder

30 Cardinals

The Finch Feeder

Nesting Material

Sunflower Feeder

Sunflower Feeder

Ash Throated Flycather

Baltimore Oriole (M)

Bells Vireo


Brown Trasher

Bunting - Indigo

Bunting - Lazuli

Bunting - Painted Female

Bunting - Painted (M)

Bunting - Painted (M)



Cardinal (F)



Cedar Wax Wing


Carolina Chickadee

Brown Headed Cowbirds

Dove - Inca

Dove - Inca Pair

Dove - Mourning

Dove - Whitewing (M)

Finch - House

Finch - Purple

Goldfinches - Lesser

Lesser Goldfinch (M)


Great Horned Owl

Northern Harrier

Hawk - Coopers

Hawk - Pidgeon

Hawk - Redtailed

Hawk - Sharp Shinned

Hummingbird - Black Chinned

Hummingbird - Black_Chinned (F)

Hummingbird - Black Chinned (M)

Hummingbird - Ruby Throat

Hummingbird - Ruby Throat

Hummingbird - Rufus

Kingbird - Eastern

Kingbird - Western


Orchid Oriole

Quail with Chicks

Redstart - American (F)

Redwing Blackbird



Rufus - Towhee

TX Hill Country Scrub Jay

Sparrow - Field

Sparrow - Harris

Sparrow - House

Sparrow - White Crowned



Tanager - Hepatic

Tanager - Summer Immature

Tanager - Summer (M)

Titmouse - Black-crested


Vultures - Mexican

Vulture - Turkey

Warbler - Black and White

Warbler - Myrtle

Warbler - Nashville

Warbler - Yellow (F)

Warbler - Yellow (M)

Warbler - Yellow Rumped

Warbler - Yellow Throat (M)

Woodpecker - Golden (F)

Woodpecker - Golden (M)

Woodpecker - Ladder Back (F)

Woodpecker - Ladder Back (M)

Wren - Carolina

Wren - House

Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker

There are also a few birds that I haven't been able to identify. Unknown_2 may be an accidental flame-colored tanager. Unknown_4 may be a Hermit Thrush. And to save you some counting, these pictures represent over 65 species.

Unknown 2

Unknown 4